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Spa Manicure $25

Our Manicure Includes Nail Trimming & Shaping. Cuticle Grooming, Buffing. Lotion Massage And A Polish Of Your Choice

Signature Manicure $40

Pamper Your Hands In Warm Epsom Salt Soaked. Followed By Nail Trim & Shaping, Cuticle massage with signature lotion Collagen glove  for hydration and strengthening. A Complementary Hot Towel And Finished With A Polish Of Your Choice.

Gel Manicure $40


Refresh Pedicure $35

Soak your feet with Epsom salt.Cut, shape, cuticle care Heel buff Massage with Organic Lotion for Moisturizing Hot towel and Finish with a choice of polish.

Signature Pedicure $45

Soak your feet with Epsom salt.Cut, Shape, Cuticle Care Organic Sugar Scrub for Exfoliation. included Massage with special hot Jade stone and Organic Lotion for Moisturizing. Then Finish Hot Towel and your choice of polish.

Reflexology Spa Pedicure $60

Soak your feet with Epsom salt .Cut, Shape, Cuticle Care Organic Sugar Scrub for Exfoliation This is a perfect therapeutic foot treatment combination of refresh pedicure and 20 mins reflexology foot massage with Signature AROMATHERAPY FRAGRANCE OIL and Special Hot Jade Stone for Relive Stress and boost Hot Towel and Apply Color.

Organic Collagen pedicure (55-60 mins) $70

This Pedicure Uses Beautiful, High-Quality Branded Products That Provide You With An Unforgettable Experience. The Treatment Provides Better Quality With Organic-Based Ingredients. Service Includes Nail Shaping, Cuticle Trimming, Callus Treatment. And Provides Luxury Benefits Such As: *Organic sea salt: Detoxify And Hydrate Your Feet. *Sugar Scrub Exfoliation: Clears Away Dead Skin And Reveals Newer,Younger-Looking Skin *Organic Cream Mask: Cleanses And Tightens Pores. *Paraffin Treatment or Collagen sock: To Help Nourish The Skin While Soothing Sore Muscles And Joints.Specific Deep Tissue Foot Massage with Special Hot Jade Stone for Relive Stress and boost circulation.Your selection of polish adds a personalized touch.

Jelly Pedicure (65 - 70 MINUTES) $90

Experience the latest trend in the spa pedicure with Jelly Pedi, the most amazing spa treatment for your feet!
Natural smashed crystals create a thick jelly consistency when added to warm water. The dense jelly mixture massages stressed muscles and acts as a gentle exfoliating naturally, moisturizes and softens dry cracked skin.
This treatment includes: Soak in Jelly.

Organic sea salt: Detoxify and Hydrate your feet

Sugar Scrub Exfoliation: lears away dead skin and reveals newer, younger-looking skin
Callus treatment 

Collagen Cream Mask: This creamy mask draws out impurities and added collagen helps to maintain the skin’syouthful beauty.

Paraffin Treatment or Collagen sock: To help nourish the skin while soothing sore muscles and joints.

Organic Massage Cream: (20 mins) Moisturizes as the collagen replenishes skin for a beautiful, youthful glow with a silky soft finish.

Hot Stone Massage with Moisturizing oil

Dip Powder Services

Dip Powder Services

Dipping on Natural Nails $50
Full Set $60 & Up
French TIp $60 & Up
Full Set Ombre $65 & Up


Full Set W/Gel $60 & Up
Pink & White $70
Full Set Ombre $65
Color Powder $60


Acrylic fill W/gel $50 & Up
Pink & White $60 & Up
Ombre $65 & Up
Color Powder $50 & Up
Gel Nail Extension

Gel Nail Extension

Gel X $60
Gel X - Medium Length $65
Gel X - Long Length $70
Gel X - Extra Long Length $75
Express Service Reg

Express Service Reg

Hands- Color Change $15
Toes-Color Change $18
Acrylic Nails-Color Change $25
Hands-Color Change Gel $25
Toes-Color Change Gel $30
Add On Services

Add On Services

Buff Shine Nail $5
Shellac/Gel Add-On $15
Chrome $10
Nail Repair $5 & Up
Gel/Dip Take Off $10
Acrylic Take Off W/O Service $20
Longer Length $5
Nail Shaping (Ex, Coffin, Stiletto, Etc.) $5
White Tip $10 & Up
Nail Art Per Nail $5 & Up
Cuticle cutting $10


Manicures $18
Pedicure $25
Combo Mani-Pedi $40
Polish Change-Hand $10
Polish Change-Feet $12


Eyebrow $15 & Up
Chin $12 & Up
Lip Wax $10
Slides $15 & Up
Lower/Upper Arms $25 & Up
Lower/Upper Legs $35 & Up
Under Arms $25 & Up
Full Face $40 & Up
Full Arms $45 & Up
Full Legs $55 & Up
Back $50 & Up